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Dreaming of adding a balcony to your home's second story? How about a sprawling backyard deck or a screened-in veranda? Work with an experienced deck builder from RR Residential Remodel & Construction, LLC.

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Pros of deck staining and painting

Pros of deck staining and painting

One of the easiest and most attractive ways to maintain your deck is by painting or staining it. RR Residential Remodel & Construction can add a finish to your newly built or existing deck.

Deck staining or painting:

  • Makes cleaning easier: Paint fills in cracks and creates a dirt-resistant surface, which makes washing it a breeze.
  • Prevents weathering: Stain and paint safeguard your deck against mold, water damage and splintering.
  • Personalizes your deck: Make your deck match the rest of your home by choosing any color or shade you like.

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